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Check back here on a monthly basis for insights and opinion from the Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. It will include a little bit of business, a little personal touch and a whole lot of fun.

Why we joined the chamber?
Posted 1-18-2017
By Brad Mateer, Mateer Properties, LLC

As a member of the business community in New Brighton and Fridley, I was trying to find ways to connect to our local city officials...

Shiny New Object
Posted: 12-15-16
by Bill Helgeson, Risdall Marketing

In April, I got a shiny new object. A Ford Fusion Titanium. It’s black and it’s sleek. It’s low to the ground with a front spoiler less than 5” from the pavement (I measured it).

Internships - A Win Win

Posted: 10-15-16
by Sue Schabert, Minutemanpress

As a growing small business, we struggle with the conundrum of how to manage the increasing work volume at a point where we can’t quite afford to pull the trigger on our next hire.

Gardening – A Metaphor for all Life Endeavors
Posted 07-15-16
By: Karyn Thompson, Junior Achievement

A very effective way to renew my energy and positive outlook is to get outside no matter the weather no matter the activity. The longer I am outside the better I feel. The spring through fall I’m an avid gardener and year round enjoy the local parks and trails. My husband I give back to the parks and trails that provide us with so much beauty and perspective by picking up trash. It’s a small act but has a huge impact.

How to Get Value From Memberships
Posted 05-15-16
By: Tom Sanvick, Northeast Bank

As many of you are aware, we are operating under our new dues structure at the Twin Cities North Chamber. It has certainly been a change from the confusing multi-tiered system to a more streamlined two tiered system, which takes away so much uncertainty to the chamber’s budgeting process as well as its events. Thank you for your understanding as we went thought this.

Nurturing Life Relationships
Posted 02-15-16
By: Andrea Murphy, Northeast Bank

In our current technological society where the work day seemingly never ends with 24-7 access, it's important to take a few steps back and remember to make time for and nurture those relationships you value most. It's not the quantity of relationships you have that should count most, rather the quality of them. Those in which each party equally gives and receives.

Customer Service - Is It Still Out There?
Posted 12-09-15
Sue Schabert, Minuteman Press

As we wrap up 2015 and begin a new year it may be a good time to reflect on your customer service model. Is it as good as it can or should be?

As a small business owner, I am very tuned in on service. It is one of the very reasons I started my business – I am passionate about building relationships and making a difference in my client’s business lives. I find it curious that one of the fundamental building blocks of business - creating a good and memorable service experience is all-too-often lacking.

Remember to Have a Little Fun
Posted 10-15-15
Aaron Bedessem
Director of Marketing
Running Aces

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This is a fantastic concept, but very difficult to achieve for most of us. Even if you love your job and what you do, the day to day monotony can make your job “work”. Everyone can agree that companies are asking more and more out of their employees, and even on a day off, you still check your emails and take phone calls, that is just the world we are in.

A Good Diet is Good Business
Posted 09-15-15
Chris DeLaForest
DeLaForest Consulting, LLC

With summer over and the cold weather approaching here in Minnesota, it’s easy to allow physical fitness routines and diets to slide.

The weather and climate encourage humans to move into quasi-hibernation, with the temptation to hunker down and ride out the winter as much as possible.

Leave Only Footprints
Posted on August 18, 2015
Bill Helgeson
Risdall Marketing Group

This past weekend, my daughter and I went camping at Forestville State Park (I highly recommend the park). Like most campsites I’ve seen at state parks, it was clean, but there is always a little bit of garbage just a few feet into the bushes. There was a can here, a plastic water bottle there, an empty chip bag over by that tree. You get the picture.

An Inside Look into Mergers & Acquisitions in Healthcare
Posted on 07-17-15 by Matt Brandt of Mutlicare Associates

When I was asked to write a blog article for the Chamber, I thought about what myths or information in the healthcare space would be interesting to share with business owners in other industries. Lately, there has been a lot of news in the healthcare sector related to mergers/collaborations/acquisitions and healthcare costs, so I wanted to provide an insiders interpretation of what is really happening when you read these news articles.

Employee Engagement through Volunteerism
Posted 06-15-15 by Tonia Smith of BioLife Plasma Services

I currently operate a facility where I have about 80 direct reports. Employee engagement is a constant evolving and necessary part of our business to be successful. I’ve been told two parts make up employee engagement: attitude and behavior, as well as pride and loyalty for the business.

Get Busy Getting Organized
Posted 05-29-15 by Sue Schabert - Minuteman Press

It’s hard to believe we have wrapped up the fifth month of 2015. Where has the time gone?!
Life in general can be very busy, but throw in running or managing a business - it seems the days blur together and you may find it becomes more difficult to stay on top of everything that needs to get done.

Posted on 4-22-15 by Bill Helgeson – Risdall Marketing Group

By now most of you know that the Chamber office has moved to a new location at 1835 County Road C West, Suite 22 Roseville, MN 55113. I was apprehensive about the move at first. I liked the old office. It had a great location (full disclosure, it was about 50 yards from Risdall’s front door) with lots of visibility because the Post Office was right next door.

Will you meet me at the GALA?
Posted 2-27-15 by Mark Sommerfeld of Computer Revolution

Will you meet me at the GALA?

Let me tell you why I'd like to meet you at the GALA.

Sure there will be great food and entertainment, and of course there will be fun and games, but I have a more serious reason.

Belonging to the chamber has afforded my business with a number of unintended benefits. None of these benefits would have been received had I tried to go-it alone.


The Benefits of Public Policy and Politics
Posted on 3-4-15 by Christopher J. DeLaForest-CEO of DeLaForest Consulting, LLC.

As one who has worked in politics and public policy for over a decade, I've heard many excuses as to why people don't get involved.

"I'm too busy." "It turns me off." "It doesn't make a difference."

As Chamber members, you have to acknowledge that, for better or worse, government has a lot to say about how you conduct your business no matter what the business might be.

Turkey Day?
Many holidays have been commercialized over the years. Look no further than Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny to prove that fact. The older I get the more this commercialization bothers me, but the one that is perhaps overlooked for the impact of diluting the origin of the holiday is Thanksgiving…Thanks Giving…Giving Thanks…being thankful. More...

Re-valuating our Relationships in 2015
Posted January 26th 2015 by Steve McAlpin of McAlpin Agency, Inc.

Most people would expect an Insurance Agent to discuss the topic of balancing your portfolio, especially your life insurance, in January. While this remains important, I think a greater emphasis needs to be placed on how we balance our relationships.

What does the Holiday Season mean for your Business?

There seems to be a struggle that takes place as we enter the period following Thanksgiving and leading up to Christmas. From a personal standpoint I'm excited about the upcoming Christmas season for a chance to spend time with family and friends. There are so many things to be thankful for and I look forward to our family traditions. More...

Get Engaged!
July 30th, 2014
Blog post by Andrea Murphy of Northeast Bank

And, no, I don't mean the marrying kind J Gather all of that additional Vitamin D from the sun this MN summer and get motivated to do more in your family, professional, and community lives, in whatever order you choose. Be engaged in ...

Summers in Minnesota

June 30th, 2014
Tom Sanvick, Northeast Bank

Summers in Minnesota. Has there ever been one that was as desperately longed for than the summer of 2014? I don't think so.

I just got back from the perfect summer activity, vacation “up north”, where I spent a week with my family (wife and three kids), my sister and her family (husband and four kids) and my parents.

Growing into Greatness
May 21st, 2014
Ted Landwehr - Landwehr Law Offices

I love spring. I love everything about it - the fresh scents of blooming flowers in the air, the chorus of birds chirping in the trees, and the opportunity to focus on new business growth. When did you last take some time to think about factors that influence the growth of your business and focus on ways to help make it grow into greatness?

Spring Cleaning
April 21, 2014
Bill Helgeson - Risdall Marketing Group

It's April and the time for spring cleaning: Clean the windows and the garage; prepare the lawn for the trampling of little feet; decide if you are finally going to break down and buy that kink-free water hose. Those decisions can improve your home life. You can also effectively spring clean for your work life.

Volunteering for a Lifetime
March 4, 2014
Kathy Klang - Cummings, Keegan & Co.

2014 marks the 20th year of my involvement in the TC North Chamber. Clearly I'm having fun, because the time has flown quickly by! And at the end of 2012, I completed a 5-year stint on the Board of Directors for CPAmerica International, one of the largest associations of CPA firms in the United States. My firm, Cummings, Keegan & Co., P.L.L.P. is an independently owned and operated member firm of CPAmerica. As the first female board member for CPAmerica, it was my honor to serve on the Board. Truly it was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling volunteer opportunities I have had. After reflecting on these milestones, I started thinking about my volunteer activities, how I started, and why I do it.



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